Friday, June 23, 2006

Tracie's Web

Happy Summer Dahlinks!

Well, Gemini season is ovah, summer's official and the crabs got it for a minute. Honey, I've been busy - but will protect the guilty by refraining from details!

I hope you're enjoying global warming where you are. I did see the Al Gore movie and I am worried about the planet even more than when I did Afrofuturistic a few years ago. It's hot! But I guess BushCo is going to give us the "We had no idea that the temperature was going to get this high" excuse -- for Katrina. Check out:

I've heard birds this summer through my Brooklyn window that I've never heard before. They're looking for new eating places and have found warmer climes, no doubt.

This is my favorite season, as it is for many teachers, but I would like the place not to drown or bake. Is that asking too much?

On a personal note: Many of you know that I've been laboring ceaselessly over my coursework for several years now. The clouds are beginning to break! I can see some sort of completion on the horizon, God willing.

So you know what that means: I've come up with some new plans...I'll keep you abreast of what they are here, natch. Now go snatch some sun and have a good one!

Best to you peakers,