Thursday, September 08, 2011

Finally! My revived website is up!

Hey Cats and Kittens!

I have a new, simpler version of my website up and running! I'm very glad to have it and I hope you like it. You'll be able to connect to this blog/spot via my "Fun Links & Stuff" webpage.

I'm also on Twitter and Facebook (mstraciemorris on twitter and Tracie Morris' "fan page" on Facebook). This blog will remain a forum for me to post longer notes, pictures and poems that I like.

For those of you who check in here, thanks so much for your persistence as I try to improve my online presence. I really appreciate your support!

See you around the internet,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

working on the site -- Happy Summer 2011!

As I work on the site, here's an update via my little blog. BTW, you can reach me via Facebook on my Tracie Morris "fan page" or via Twitter @mstraciemorris. Hope to catch you on the 'net. xo, Tracie

This is the trailer for the documentary film I'm in. A very sweet little piece by the renown director Bert Shapiro. Enjoy and check out the film via

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Spring! 2011

Hi. I'm renovating this site and blog. Thanks for your patience. If you get re-routed or something weird happens, please bear with me as this is getting sorted.

Hope the weather is nice where you are.