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Hey Shadow Perusers:

Did you say "dog days?" I don't think this is what the Chinese Calendar had in mind for 2006...Shout out to Queens which was *sweating it out* for over a week! Con Ed is a hot mess!

So I briefly interrupt my usual poetic platitudes to comment on an *amazing* event I went to last night. It was lecture by Armond White highlighting the work of Hip Hop visionary genius, Hype Williams.

For the few of you who read this blog, it's possible that you may have been a student of mine once. If so, you *know* I'm all about a Hype Williams video. I've used Missy's "I Can't Stand the Rain' so much my students can't stand to hear it, LL's "Doin' It" and various other HW creations in class. Last night's event was *nice*! I even got to ask a dorky question about how Hype collaborates. I'm really curious to know how he gets such a great read on the inner aura of his "subjects." (Answer: "It's a weird question." Actually, he also said that the videos are predicated on long-standing relationships he's had with the artists. Most of the people he's worked with he's known for ages. I think he's just got the technique and happens to be very attentive to his client's energies and aspirations. Goes with the vision thing.)

Seeing some of those old videos not only brought back memories (when some of those videos came out I was reminded of my short stint as a PA for Lionel Martin's Classic Concepts about a million years ago), but just how far Hype brought the medium into the present/the future. I was hanging out with my friend Sherrie who tokd me about the lecture and said: "That event made me proud of Hip Hop, how far it's come." Too true.

Armond (who I haven't always agreed with, in fact who I've often disagreed with!) did an *excellent* job putting Hype in context. I didn't get all his references (and I'm a decently read person -- or maybe not. Visual arts and film were never media I emphasized in my research) but he still gave an attentive read of what Hype was executing in his choices. Of course, we all have our favorite Hype videos and slants on what they mean to us as well as their cultural import, but there were several things Armond mentioned that I wouldn't have otherwise caught: Hype's unique use of the "milk box" and "shadow box" techniques, his new approach to videos using split screen images and (in my rough shorthand): the manipulation and inversion of positive and negative space on the frame. The color!The contrasts! Dude has left an indelible impression.

And so, so nice in person! Just a sweetie. ('Course I shook his hand! I had to give him some dap.) Very humble, down to earth guy. But his praises were shouted to the rafters by guests who just showed up such as Irv Gotti, Little X, Theo (?) and others. I wish I were a little hipper and knew more of today's players but, I didn't get all the names. The Lincoln Center folks seemed delighted -- and relieved that Hype made it -- and I have to credit them for letting Armond do his thing and present this work. It was an interesting contrast, too: Armond's prepared notes were clearly for the erudite Lincoln Center crowd but guess what? *Hype's crowd* showed up! Not LC's. This had the interesting affect on Gotti of making him express even deeper appreciation to Armond as well as honoring Hype because HW's work was addressed in such a "culturally elite" way, in other words, Gotti took it as Hype being taken *seriously.* As he should have. And you know, Black folks believe in testimonials! So several folks had to get up and talk about how great Hype was. There's nothing like Love.



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I came across this blog previously but hadn't didn't have the time to respond and leave a comment, but yes the armond white/hype williams music video presentation at Lincoln Center was quite a special evening.

If you weren't there, you missed out. Fortunately you WERE there and...didn't miss out.

Wow Jones

Wow Jones said...


From: Wow Jones


Lincoln Center Honors Michael Jackson on August 30th, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 -- by Wow Jones

Groundbreaking Pop Star Michael Jackson is the subject of a one-of-a-kind presentation this week at New York City's Lincoln Center.

Controversial NY Press Film Critic (and current New York Film Critics Circle Chairman) Armond White is dedicating an entire evening to the work of Michael Jackson in the music video genre. His "KEEP MOVING: Michael Jackson’s Video Art" will be held on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 6 pm at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater.

In this 90 Minute Presentation, esteemed critic and author Armond White will take an in-depth look at Michael Jackson's innovations in the music video genre.

White notes, “When Hollywood didn’t come calling, Michael Jackson responded with a series of short musical films that displayed his affection for the pop tradition. From the popular Thriller to the GREAT Black or White and other landmarks, Michael Jackson—the ultimate performer-as-auteur—changed the way the world responds to cinema.”

In the past Armond White has offered interpretations of a number of music videos by acclaimed filmmakers (Mark Romanek, Marcus Nispel, Hype Williams, Ben Stokes, Spike Jonze, Joseph Kahn, etc), musicians and singers. This is the second time he has focused an entire presentation to one pop artist/music video subject. Armond White had music video presentation devoted to Michael Jackson in January of 2008.

Armond White will also be signing copies of his new book, “KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicles”.

For more information or to purchase tickets for this event please visit:

KEEP MOVING: Michael Jackson’s Video Art is on Sunday, August 30, at 6:00 pm at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater.

This Event is Sponsored by the Film Society Of Lincoln Center.