Sunday, February 18, 2007


Hi, Y'all who are checking this out:

Well, it is a hot mess up in bulkregister land (where I have had for a couple years). It's a shame. Since they were purchased from Enom last summer I have not been able to pay for my website, nor upload onto it. Really unfortunate as it was really great up until then and there has been much going on in Tracieland.

For now, please go to the site or for the latest. Hopefully before hell freezes over I'll be able to link my old and new web addresses so it won't be an issue. I'll give you some musings later but wanted to say:

Happy Pig year! Eat, drink, be loyal, friendly and merry, dahlinks.

Love ya,
Tracie from Tracieland
(a very special place I've created in my mind!)

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Tracie said...

PS: a bit of a clarification: I have *tried* to pay for my old blog services and have been getting the run around. Really, when you try to give people money and they don't allow you to for whatever reason (server, link, credit card processor, the sales rep is never in) that, to me qualifies as a hot mess! I mean people who don't even *do* their jobs will take your money! But not in BRland. Craziness.

Maybe now that the Pig year is in, I'll get some help!

Back with the usual musings in no time...