Thursday, August 07, 2008

updates coming...finally!

Well Boys and Girls (or boy and girl depending on how many people read this thing):

Lots and lots of updates since (almost) March. As we say to our grandparents way too often "I've been meaning to be in touch.."

It's been almost overwhelming how much has been going on since the spring. Good news, great news and an amazing summer so far. Jet setting (not private), learning, moving forward and eventually settling in. Updates are forthcoming -- no, really -- but at the moment I'm between countries (doesn't that sound too diva-ish?) and am in a bit of a rush.

Short story shorter, things are looking up for the chippee with lots of work moving from the back burner to the front and finally back where I belong in the best borough on earth, soon. But you know the lady does love to fly about! The completely sedentary life isn't for me!

BTW, my email address is good but for a more collective experience, I also have a bit of representation on Facebook. No, I don't write on that much either, but I will be posting updates on my goings (including gigs!) on there, too -- in case my infrequent posts here have jaded you!

When I land for a minute I'll holla,

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