Friday, December 14, 2007

Semester's ovah!

and "boy, are my arms tired!" The tiredest joke -- evah!

Heya peoples from the blog zone (or me talking to myself). Things have been good but busy. *Don't* get me started! In five months I've been to Europa twice after not being there for many a moon. Haven't been to Africa for at least a year (boo hoo!) and co-edited a journal with my girl Sandra Ruiz. That's just skimming the surface, boobalahs!

It's been a bevy of beauties passing on to the spirit realm, that's for another post though. In fact, every time I sat down to write a little somethin' to y'all, I got another note of sad news. I'm am reh-tee for 2007 to be *done*!

Next up is the city of brotherly love with the evocative statues of freemasons -- Philly! If I ate cheesesteak I'd be in heaven but as it is, I'll be happy to be back east with the hard core language school posse as they beat me into submission before I join the club! (I think they got that from the Freemasons, too. Or at least that's what the conspiracy theorists say...)

Anyway, happy lights month: minoras, kinaras, xmas trees, balls dropping from Times Square, whatever, whereever, may your lights shine!

(Thanks to for the image: Now I don't have to send a card to anybody...)

XO and 'tis the season,


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