Thursday, January 03, 2008


I am too excited about 2008! Drama, intrigue, an election and the Brooklyn skyline. I just missed the Michigan snowstorm and am seriously into hibernation. The city that never sleeps isn't trying to hear it though and so, snowless, chilly winds will be beating me down today.

The annual gig at St. Mark's Poetry Project was a blast! It was fun seeing old hang out buddies like Akila Oliver, Lee Ann Brown w/ Family, Edwin Torres and Maggie Estep as well as legendaries like John Giorno. Brendan Lorber is going to be a Pops he told me and folks seemed more upbeat than last year.

Val Jeanty and I took the stage and made some trouble. I got a very, very sweet gift of baubles from a cutie pie kid right after the reading. I was more touched by that than the applause! -- I'm grateful for that, too though. Never can take that for granted certainly.

Easing into the '08. I *just* caught the ball on TV, speaking of baubles. It's a fun year ahead* (with horrors in wait I'm sure) and I look forward to sharing it with my friends. Cross fingers for a better '08 and a healing '09.


* for the solar Gregorian folks. Lunar New Year's coming up! All Hail the Rat year... --:-) T

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